About Ken

Ken loved his family above all else and enjoyed nothing better than to have them over Sunday evenings and cook a fantastic meal. It didn't really matter where we hung out, as long as it was together. He was so very proud of his two daughters and bragged about them to everyone; always amazed by their personalities, accomplishments, drives and passions.

Ken had a wide variety of interests and I've tried to include photos to share all of them. He loved his job as an Architectural Autocad Drafter at DAE Designs. He loved to draw and paint with a wide variety of mediums, some samples can be seen on his blog: http://mrnaturalshomeplate.blogspot.com/ and I'll be posting more later. He loved the outdoors, gardening, yardwork or just sitting around the grill hanging out with family and friends.

He loved to read and learn. He was fascinated with WWII and other history.

Ken had a passion for music and loved to play the guitar. We recently attended an Eric Clapton concert in Cincinnati. He had been trying to get to one for over a decade.

He loved sports - all sports. His absolute favorite team was the Pittsburgh Steelers. The family was able to get together for this last Super Bowl and cheer them on. He was an avid golfer.

He loved to travel and especially loved the going on beach vacations. His favorite was our family trip to Water Island in the Caribbean.